Provincial Parks

There is beauty and adventure to be found in all the parks in the Lower North Thompson Valley. Pick your level of rugged and then discover what your came for. Grab you camera to capture the wilderness, wildlife and vistas and enjoy the memories for years to come.

Camping in the Lower North Thompson

Adams Lake Provincial Park has several popular sites to explore. The Bush Creek Site is perfect for boating, watersports and fishing. There are two boat access only sites as well, Spillman Beach, and Poplar Point.

Bonaparte Provincial Park is accessible by floatplane or boat and is well known for fishing and fishing lodges.

Chu Chua Cottonwood Park is only accessible by canoe or kayak. This park is an Important habitat for bats, vaux swifts, and a variety of cavity-nesting birds.

Dunn Peak Protected Area can be reached by ferry and then by road from Little Fort. This protected area has large areas of undisturbed old–growth forest as well as lakes, tarns and swamps.

Hawk flying over river

For maximum ruggedness, put on your hiking boots, or saddle up the horses and head west of Little Fort to High Lakes Basin. There are some primitive camping areas; however, there is no drinking water and camp stoves are recommended.

North Thompson Islands is a series of braided channels and sandbars, located adjacent to Hwy #5 in the North Thompson River and only accessible by boat. There is no camping allowed in this area of undisturbed floodplains.

The North Thompson Oxbows Jensen Island Provincial Park is a riparian habitat, covered by water four months. It can only be accessed with permission via private land.

Adams Lake Marine Provincial Park Adams Lake
Adams Lake Park — Bush Creek Site Barriere
Bonaparte Provincial Park Bonaparte Plateau
Chu Chua Cottonwood Provincial Park Barriere
Eakin Creek Canyon Provincial Park Hwy 24
Emar Lakes Provincial Park Bonaparte Plateau
High Lakes Basin Provincial Park Bonaparte Plateau
Monte Creek Provincial Park South Thompson River
Momich Lakes Provincial Park Adams Lake
Niskonlith Provincial Park Sun Peaks
North Thompson Island Provincial Park Barriere
North Thompson Oxbows — Jensen Island Provincial Park Barriere
Paul Lake Provincial Park Paul Lake
Porcupine Meadows Provincial Park Bonaparte Plateau
Pritchard Provincial Park Pritchard
Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park Little Shuswap
Taweel Provincial Park Hwy 24
Tsintsunko Lake Provincial Park Bonaparte Plateau
Dunsapie Lake Barriere
East Barriere Lake Barriere
Fishtrap Creek Barriere
Gorman Lake Barriere
Johnson Lake Barriere
Mayson Lake Barriere
Mason Lake North Barriere
North Barriere Lake Barriere
Saskum Lake Barriere
Scott Lake Barriere
Skwaan Bay Barriere
South Barriere Lake Barriere
Whitewood Lake Barriere
Windall Lake Barriere
Windy Lake Barriere
Badger Lake Heffley
Community Lake South West Heffley
Heffley Lake Northwest Heffley
Hyas Lake South Heffley
Sulivan Lake West (Knouff) Heffley
Deer Lake Little Fort
Dunn Lake North Little Fort
Goose Lake Little Fort
Hudson’s Bay Company Little Fort
Latrenouille Lake Little Fort
Lost Horse Lake Little Fort
Little McGillivary Sun Peaks
McGillivray Lake West Sun Peaks
Morrisey Lake East Sun Peaks
Morrisey Lake West Sun Peaks