Ranch the Western Way

Imagine riding the open range on a trusty mount chosen specifically for you with a warm clear breeze on your face. Listen to the sound of the wilderness wrapping its arms around you. You can feel the power of your ride beneath you as you explore the forest, the lakes and the wide-open meadows. Bring your family and friends and introduce them to blue valley skies with air so fresh you can taste it.

Ranch in the North Thompson Valley

Ranching in the Lower North Thompson Valley

Ranching has long been a way of life in the Lower North Thompson Valley. Most ranches are purely working ranches; however there is one where you can come and experience life on a ranch. Help out with the daily chores, brush the horses, and learn how to communicate with them on their level. It’s an experience you will not soon forget.

Picnicking on a ranch

Jandana Ranch

Grab your sense of adventure and your horse sense, then giddy-up to the Jandana Ranch. The horses at the Jandana ranch in the Lower North Thompson Valley roam free. Not to worry, they are more than happy to come back to the ranch and meet you.


Thirty minutes northeast of Kamloops, this family owned horse ranch at beautiful Pinantan Lake sits on over 500 acres. Their 45 horses roam free on the land they share with coyotes, deer, moose,  grouse, and the occasional black bear.

Bring your RV, or your tent, or stay in one of the self-contained cottages here. Artists will be inspired by the beauty that surrounds them and are invited to take in an art session.

Breathe in the fresh valley air as you enjoy a hands-on learning experience with your horse before you head out and explore the trails. Lessons are available for all ages and all levels of experience. Then at night, share stories of the day around a roaring fire as you plan the next day’s adventures.